Spring is Blooming in Paradise

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Purple Wild flowers in the Garden

Wild flowers are beginning to bloom however, that also means the weeds are starting to grow. The weed battle has just begun.

We had RV campers from the El Paso area over the weekend. And what a wonderful weekend we had. No wind! Camp fires were allowed! Rain showers on Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday morning all total adding up to 4/10ths of an inch in less than 24 hours.

Flower BedPat has been planting flowers in various pots and hanging baskets. We have started working in our garden area getting it ready for our summer guests. Turning on the water, pulling weeds, watering the flower beds and working on the water fall and kids sprinkler.




Jule's Vegetable Garden

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Jule, one of our long term guests, is getting the raised vegetable garden ready to plant his vegetables. Currently, he is planning to grow tomatos, bell peppers, etc.




Hummer feedingWe hung the Humming Bird feeder and not any to soon as seen in this photo. I know the little bugger is hard to see. It is just to the left of the feeder. Man he was hard to photograph.

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